How do I know if the property has parking facilities and how can I reserve a space?

Under the Options column of the Rooms section, you can see if the property has parking, and if any restrictions apply. If the property requests that you reserve parking, please contact them directly with the contact information provided in your booking confirmation. 

How can I find out if the property offers a shuttle or airport transfer service and how can I book it?

If the property offers a shuttle or airport transfer service it will be listed under the "AMENITIES" section, in the "Popular facilities, activities and services" box. Here, it shows whether the service is complementary or if a surcharge will apply. Once you have made your reservation you can arrange the airport shuttle directly with the property. The properties contact information is listed in your booking confirmation. Please remember to have your flight details ready. 

Can I store my bags at the property before check-in or after check-out?

You can see if a property offers baggage storage under the "AMENITIES" section on the properties page. If you need more information about the properties baggage storage facilities, please contact the property directly using the contact details provided in your booking confirmation.

How do I find out if a property has a certain facility, e.g. an elevator?

Under "AMENITIES" you can see a list of all the properties facilities, activities and services.