Ready to be a Smartie?

We are extremely excited to announce that we are undertaking a significant rebranding program, where we are changing our name “” to “Smartie”. This includes a cool new logo (wink), domain and business focus!

Our customers, which include local Pacific Islanders, businesses and visitors to our shores, now need us for more than just accommodation bookings. Sending, spending and receiving money has just been too expensive, slow, and inconvenient. This has been due to services that use, what we like to call, museum technology. We're fixing that for people and businesses by utilizing smart technology through smartphones and the web to now bring you a Super App. That's right... a SUPER APP! This doesn't mean you need a cape to use the app, but you will want to wear one once you do ;)

The Smartie super app is the South Pacific's All-In-One Solution utilizing an instant payments platform to provide financial freedom through multiple products and services in a single app using smart technology. These products will include:

  • SmartPay - Instant payment solution

  • SmartRide - Rideshare services (finally)

  • SmartFood - Food ordering (yum)

  • SmartStay - Accommodation

  • SmartCheckout - Internet payment gateway (like PayPal)

  • SmartTopUp - Instant mobile phone recharge services

  • and a lot lot more... now that's just smart right?!

With all this we realized we needed a brand that represented our smarterer thinking - Welcome to Smartie ;)

We are excited with the new direction Smartie is heading in to provide our people and visitors their everyday needs in a single app. We will be launching our new website and super app within the next month. So keep calm and be a smartie! 

For further details you can now contact us on: 

Brett Baudinet – CEO & Founder                                      Jimmi Glassie – COO